5 Tips For Ordering Shoes That Fit When Shopping Online

Shopping for shoes online can be a wonderful thing. It can be a lot more convenient than dealing with the crowds at the mall, and it can be a great way to choose from styles that you might not be able to find near you. Plus, you can often find great deals when shopping for shoes online. However, one thing that you might be worried about is making sure that you find shoes that fit. [Read More]

Costume Change For The Waitstaff: From Low End Dive Bar To High End, Hip Lounge

If you own a bar and are looking to change the entire vibe of the place, then one of the most important things you can do is to have the bartenders and waitstaff change their uniforms. A change of appearance can immediately signify a more hip, less "dive bar" atmosphere. Even if you have redone the interior, and have brought in cool chairs, tables, and stools, if you have your waitstaff wear faded old band t-shirts and funky jeans (which they might think vintage) or sexy tank tops and ultra short cut offs that are more in line with a wild, raucous bar, then the place won't get the transformation you want. [Read More]

Buying Underwear Online: Tips For The Perfect Fit

Women are notorious for spending more for their undergarments than men. If you love your panties but you want access to more affordable options and variety, then shopping online may be your best choice. Buying underwear online may sound daunting since you can't feel or compare individual styles the way you can in the store, but you can have a successful experience if you follow some tips for more comfortable fits. [Read More]

Gifts to Give Your Lady If You Want to Share Your Love of Golf with Her

When you are an avid golf fan and player, you may feel as if you spend the vast majority of your free time on the golf course or driving range practicing and playing. However, this may cut into your quality time with your girlfriend or wife. If you are looking to try to share your love of golf with your lady so that you two can spend more time together and enjoy your favorite hobby or past-time together, get to know some of the gifts that you can give your lady to encourage her to develop an interest in going to the golf course with you. [Read More]