Consider One Of These Double American Flag Lapel Pin Designs

When you think about buying an American flag lapel pin to demonstrate your patriotism, you might picture a pin that depicts a solitary American flag. This type of pin is popular, but it's not the only option that may catch your eye when you shop at a retailer that carries an extensive selection of lapel pins. Double flag pins — pins in which the American flag is positioned alongside another flag, often with the two flagstaffs crossed — are also popular. You'll often come across all sorts of double flag pins, including one or more than you may wish to buy. Here are some examples of what you'll see.

State Flag

A popular type of American flag lapel pin features the American flag positioned next to a state flag. Every state has its own flag, and buying this type of pin may appeal to you. If you're patriotic but you're also a proud resident of your state, then this will be the right type of pin design for you.

Country Flag

Another type of double flag design that you'll come across features the American flag paired with the flag of another country. This is a design that you might favor for a large number of reasons. If you're a proud American but your family has roots in another nation, you can wear a lapel pin that features the flags of these two nations. Similarly, if you've married someone who was born in another country and you want to honor them, you can buy a double flag pin accordingly.

Military Flag

Double flag pins that feature the American flag next to a flag that recognizes a specific branch of the military are also a popular choice for people. This can be a type of pin that you wish to wear on Memorial Day or Veterans Day, although it can be appropriate to use at other times. If you proudly served the nation in one branch of its armed forces, it makes sense to buy a lapel pin that features the corresponding flag next to the stars and stripes. Even if you didn't serve, you might have a family member who did, and choosing to wear this type of design can be a good way to pay tribute to their service.

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