Three Types Of Vintage Band T-Shirts To Wear

If you're into wearing vintage clothing and also are a fan of music, one type of garment that may appeal to you is a vintage-looking band T-shirt. The shirt that you buy may indeed be a decade or two old, or it may be new, but designed in a way that makes people think it's vintage. Many clothing stores carry both styles of garment, and a day of shopping may help you to add a couple of vintage T-shirts to your wardrobe. They can be perfect for wearing to concerts or for a night out with friends. Here are three types of vintage band T-shirts to wear.

Bands That No Longer Exist

One type of vintage band tee to buy features a band that doesn't exist anymore. It could be a legendary band from the 1970s, or it could be a celebrated act from the 1980s. The sheer fact that you're wearing a garment of a band that dissolved for one reason or another several decades ago will definitely give off a vintage vibe — even if you've bought a shirt that is new but designed to look old. Many of these old band shirts exist, so you shouldn't have trouble finding one of a band that you enjoy.

Old Tours

Another type of vintage band T-shirt that may appeal to you is a shirt with a design that references an old tour. The band may still be making music, but this shirt pays homage to one of its famous world tours from the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s. Generally, this tour will have a specific name and even a logo, and the dates of the tour will be emblazoned on the front of the shirt. It's common for the design on the back of the shirt to have a list of the dates, cities, and venues at which the band made stops during the tour.

Old Albums

A similar type of vintage band T-shirt design is one that celebrates the release of a certain album. You may find this type of shirt from a band that has since disbanded or for one that continues to be active — but this shirt is all about the past. For example, if the band has a seminal album release in 1991, the shirt may feature the album's name and show an image of the album cover. With each of these designs, you'll have no trouble showing your passion for music.