Three Closure Options For Custom Baseball Caps

All sorts of businesses and organizations can benefit from having custom caps. You can order these caps for your employees or group members to wear, and you can also hand them out during promotional events. A company that specializes in custom caps has all sorts of cap styles, including baseball caps. These are a good choice to order because of their popularity; you can't be out in public for more than a moment before you see someone who is wearing a baseball cap. What you might not realize is that regardless of their design, baseball caps have many different closure options at their rear. Here are three options that may be available to you.


Velcro is a popular closure option for lots of baseball caps — particularly those that are geared toward children. Virtually everyone finds that velcro is easy to operate, so anyone who wears one of these hats will be able to adjust the closure to get a comfortable fit. A child may adjust the size of the velcro closure as their head grows, for example. Or, someone may adjust the closure based on how they're wearing their hair. You'll often find that velcro closures are one of the more affordable options when you order custom caps.


Perhaps the most common baseball cap closure type is made of plastic. In this product, there are two plastic halves that connect when the wearer inserts several small posts in one half of the plastic into corresponding holes in the other half. This closure sometimes makes a snapping sound when you open or close it, which gives this type of cap the common term "snapback." Caps with plastic closures are fairly easy to operate and also offer a stylish look that a lot of people enjoy.


You'll also see caps with closures that feature a leather strap and a metal buckle. This combination offers a high-end look that a lot of cap wearers enjoy. Adjusting this type of closure isn't as quick and easy as the two above types, but is still possible. Depending on the custom cap company that you use, you may even have different color options when it comes to the leather. For example, you'll often see tan leather straps, black leather straps, and several other shades in between. Consider these three closure options when you order custom baseball caps for your business or organization. 

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