4 Tips For Buying Your First Wig

Do you wish you could put on different hair and look like someone else once in a while? People do this very thing every day -- and they do so by wearing wigs. Contrary to popular belief, wigs are not just for bald people and cancer patients. You can wear one to transform your look, even when you have a full head of natural hair. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right wig.

1. Opt for natural hair.

There are wigs made from synthetic hair, and they tend to be the more affordable options. However, they are intended to be more like costumes than cosmetic alterations, and so they don't look as realistic as wigs made from natural hair. Opt for a wig made from natural hair, and it will look far more convincing. You can also style it more easily and even have your hairdresser dye or perm the hair if you want to change its look at some point.

2. Consider your face shape.

Most people who wear wigs do so because they want to achieve a completely different look from their normal look. It's okay to be different, but you do need to make sure the wig you choose flatters your natural face shape. If you have a thinner face, choose a fuller wig. If you have a fuller face, a wig that is on the thinner, more slender side will look best.

3. Try the wig on.

While you can buy wigs online, you are better off buying in-person at a store if possible. If you do buy online, make sure the company you buy from has a good return policy. Try the wig on and wear it for an hour or two. You want to make sure that it not only looks good but also feels comfortable. If the wig seems to be putting too much pressure on your hairline, find a different wig. A wig that is too tight along the hairline will wear away your natural hair.

4. Opt for an untreated wig.

You can buy wigs that have already been dyed, and you can buy those made from untreated hair. You're better off buying one made from untreated hair and then taking it to your local stylist. He or she can then custom-color the wig to meet your preferences. You can even add highlights and lowlights as you desire. 

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