Four Things You Should Be Aware Of When Caring For Your Performance Shirts

If you regularly participate in outdoor activities involving sporting events or work, you will be best outfitted if you use performance fabric shirts designed to keep you comfortable and protected.

Long sleeve performance shirts can be designed to perform a variety of helpful functions, including keeping you warm and dry during periods of physical exertion outdoors. However, performance fabrics need to be properly cared for to perform properly and stay in good shape as long as possible.

The following are four things you should be aware of when you're caring for your performance shirts to maximize their effectiveness and longevity:

Specially designed detergents are best for high performance fabrics.

Performance fabrics are often designed to offer sweat wicking and water proofing properties. These properties can be damaged or detracted from if reguar detergents that are prone to leaving residue are used to clean performance fabrics.

There are numerous laundry detergents on the market that are made for cleaning performance clothing thoroughly but gently so that residue does not clog pores and render wicking properties ineffective. 

Damaged performance fabrics can enjoy restored properties if a water-guard is sprayed on them.

If you have used traditional detergents on your performance clothing and notice that they are no longer repelling water as well as they should, you may be able to correct the issue and restore the condition of your performance fabrics with a water guard.

Water guards can be used on a variety of fabric types including cotton, nylon, leather, polyester, and suede. They not only restore waterproof properties, but they can also provide additional protection for fabrics against UV rays. 

Cleaning needs to thoroughly remove any lingering debris.

High performance clothing is often worn during activities where debris like dirt and stone particles can get into fabrics. If cleanings do not thoroughly remove all debris, the debris can tear into fabrics over time and prematurely destroy them.

It's therefore important to make sure that all cleanings completely remove debris without being excessively hard on the fabrics themselves.

It's best to avoid both hand wringing and machine drying on high settings when it comes to drying performance fabrics.

Tags on your performance shirts will indicate how clothing items are to be dried for best results.

Usually, hand wringing and machine drying on high will cause performance fabrics to shrink or stretch out prematurely. It's typically better to use a machine dryer on a lower setting or to hang dry performance fabrics to keep them in good shape.