Sick Of The Wild Colors Of The "Loud" Biker Shirt? Go Minimal!

When you're biking, you've undoubtedly worked hard to create a cool fashion that helps you stand out among other bikers. But what if you simply can't handle the excessively bright colors that you see in most biker fashions? You go minimal, utilizing simple colors and designs in your biker shirts and shorts to create a classy new fashion.

What Is Fashion Minimalism?

Fashion minimalism is a trend that emphasizes pulling away from overly elaborate and colorful designs by focusing on simpler and more accessible designs. Some of the philosophies of this movement include:

  • Impersonal austerity
  • Reductive design
  • Non-emotive styles
  • Anti-figurative items
  • Democratic and accessible

What in the world does all of this mean? Some of these terms are relatively easy to understand, such as non-emotive styles, but what are anti-figurative items? Essentially, this indicates designs that don't mimic anything made in real life. So abstract designs, rather than a biker shirt logo, is appropriate.

While "impersonal austerity" and "democratic" designs seem to indicate that your minimalist biking shirt and short combo will blend in with the crowd, contrast it with the bright and vivid colors favored by most bikers. In that crowd, impersonal austerity is definitely a break with tradition.

A Typical Minimalist Biking Outfit

Now that you understand a little bit about minimalist fashion, you can utilize it to create your own unique biking style. Remember that your outfit needs to be simple, yet elegant. Try to avoid heavy contrasts and avoid excessive accessories whenever possible. A typical outfit for biking includes:

  • Jerseys or shirts
  • Shorts or pants
  • Jackets (weather permitting)
  • Gloves
  • Heavy socks
  • Biking shoes

Avoid wearing a jacket in warm weather, as it will only add a clashing element to your style. Your bike shirt should be a singular color and should be within a few similar shades of your biking shorts. Keep your gloves and socks simple: black gloves and white socks should match with just about any style. Same with the biking shoes: avoid really flashy designs with bright colors and stick to black or gray.

Creating Multiple Outfits

After you've created one minimalist biking outfit, you can create a whole range of outfits by sticking to a similar simple fashion. In essence, you want to create an outfit of similar colored biking shirts and shorts to help avoid clashes. This is especially true of your biking shirt, as it's what will be most immediately noticeable when you're on the road.

However, don't be afraid to mix things up a little bit. Remember that minimalist design allows you to utilize very simple shapes and lines in your fashion. Don't be afraid to get biking shirts with a few lines or shapes, but avoid excessively bright colors and gaudy logos.

Now that you've mastered minimalist biking fashion, you can show off your great litany of biking shirts out on the road. Remember, no one will be able to admire your simple style and grace if you aren't on the road, showing other bikers how to look classy and fashionable.