5 Things to Do to Find Your Next Favorite Pair of Jeans

Even people who are fairly indifferent to fashion have that favorite pair of jeans. Putting on that special pair in the morning means you're inevitably going to have a good day. Unfortunately, finding that perfect, favorite pair of jeans is quite a fortuitous event. It's hard to make it happen. Nevertheless, the following five tips should help you find your next favorite pair of jeans if your current pair is starting to look shabby and past its prime:

Look back on past precedents

The best starting point is your current pair. Make note of the brand, size, shade, and shape. You know that this is what you like, so you can expect your next favorite pair to be similar. Or, you can see aspects of these pants that you don't want in your next pair, such as the color, style, or fit around your hips. 

Never settle

Even the most ardent fashion fiends know that shopping can eventually get tiring. If you've been perusing the racks for hours and you're not having any success, you might start to feel tempted to settle for jeans you know you're disappointed with. It's better to hold out for another day than to get your hopes up about finding perfection in a pair of jeans that's decidedly mediocre. 

Don't make assumptions about labels

When it comes to comfort, labels don't really make a difference. Be open-minded when you're shopping for a comfortable pair of jeans. 

Of course, appearance usually influences your sentiments too. How you look in those jeans is almost as important as how comfortable you feel. However, even a little known label might be responsible for creating a pair of jeans that fits your figure just right and leaves you feeling flattered. Shop by sight rather than by label. If something looks like it's sized and designed right, give it a try regardless of who it was made by.

Make sure you're keeping comfort as a priority

The number one reason why finding that perfect pair of jeans is so hard is because most of us will put looks over comfort when we're in the fitting room. However, you're not going to enjoy putting a new pair of jeans on if you feel like they're a straight jacket for your legs. Be realistic when you're shopping for your new jeans. A tight-fitting pair may look great but leave you feeling miserable all day. 

Stock up!

Many shoppers don't have the forethought to purchase multiples of that rare perfect pair. Change things up this time by stocking up, instead. If you find a pair that you realize is becoming a favorite, head straight back to the mall and purchase more before you miss out on the opportunity. 

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