Finding A Flattering Fit For Plus Size Swimwear

When summer approaches, that means it's swimsuit season. If you're shopping for a new bathing suit and you wear plus sizes, the selection of styles and shapes can be overwhelming. So how do you find a swimsuit that will not only be comfortable but flattering at the same time? Here are some tips to help you find a piece of swimwear that will make you feel beautiful and confident at the beach or pool.

Skirted Bottoms

Whether it's a two-piece or a one-piece swimsuit, a skirted bottom can add a touch of feminine flair. If you're pear-shaped, the skirt is an attractive addition that will help flatter your figure. Skirted bottoms can also be quite versatile since they can be paired with matching tops of different colors or patterns when you buy them in the two-piece style. They also make a great cover-up if you want to throw one on after a swim.

Tankini Tops

A tankini top is the top of a two-piece swimsuit but instead of the traditional bikini, it looks more like a tank top. Tankini tops come in a number of different strap styles, including halter, strapless, and thin spaghetti straps. Look for styles that feature an empire waist that flows outward to help provide extra coverage. Be sure that the top you choose has ample support so you will feel good when wearing it. 

Ruched Waist

Ruched swimsuits feature material that is gathered at the waistline, which provides an exceptionally flattering fit. The ruching helps to draw the eye away from the waist area and also helps to give more control at the midsection. It also looks very stylish and can provide a body-slimming effect. You can add a pretty sarong over your suit when you're lounging that will cover you up and give your outfit a pop of color when you're poolside.

Deep V-Neckline

Swimsuits featuring a deeper neckline are perfect for drawing the eye up and down on the chest area. This style of swimsuit also helps to lengthen the look of your upper body, making it perfect for apple-shaped women. A deeper neckline doesn't have to be too revealing. Many styles offer this cut with a mesh material to help provide extra coverage for the bust.


If you want to buy a two-piece swimsuit, look for versions that allow you to purchase them as two separate pieces. This will help you find two pieces that will fit best for your body type. Not all women have the same size for their tops as they do for their bottoms. Buying two pieces in two different sizes that fit you best will help provide you with the coverage and support you need while allowing you to wear a swimsuit in the style you'll love.

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