Things You Can Customize With A Football Apron

If you're a big football fan and you also enjoy cooking, it can be fun to combine these two interests with a football-themed apron. While there's nothing wrong with buying a standard football apron, a better option is to visit the website of a company that allows you to customize a football-themed apron. You'll see a number of different designs on the site, and you can choose the one that most resonates with you and then input your specific details. Here are some things that you'll be able to customize.


It's common for a custom football-themed apron to have somewhat of an appearance of a football uniform. This means that the uniform's number will be something that you get to customize. Depending on the design, the number will usually appear in a large font size on the front of the apron, so this may be the first thing people see when they visit your home for a barbecue. Think about what number resonates with you. If you played football as a child, you might wish to use the number you wore when you were younger.


A lot of custom football aprons also give you the opportunity to have your name appear on the apron, much like it appears on a football uniform. An obvious choice is to use your surname, but there are other ideas that may appeal to you. If you have a nickname, you might think about using it. Friends you call you by this name will be amused to see it on your apron when they visit for a meal. Other terms may also be suitable. For example, if you have grandchildren who love visiting you to help you cook, you might think of having "Grandma" or "Grandpa" appear above the number, as either term will resonate more with your grandchildren.

Color Scheme

You'll typically also be able to choose what color scheme you want your football-themed apron to have, and it can be fun to browse the available options. If you cheer for a particular football team, it can make sense to choose colors that are similar to that team — for example, red and white. Another option is to choose colors that are similar to the colors that you wore on your football uniform when you were younger, which can give the apron an appealing nostalgic feel. To learn more, look online for a company that sells custom football aprons—such as Red Bobbin Designs.