Sew Many Options: First Steps To Becoming Your Own Fashion Designer

If you have ever walked into your favorite department store to look for a specific article of clothing, only to leave disappointed, you should consider sewing your own clothing. Being your own fashion designer puts you in control and gives you endless choices in fabrics and styles. Sewing your own clothing is also a fun hobby that rewards you with a great design style that is uniquely yours.

Find a space

You can create your own sewing studio in a minimal amount of space if you do not have an entire room to devote to your new endeavor. You can even use the kitchen table if necessary to set up a portable sewing machine and use a rolling cart or a large tote to keep your other supplies handy. However, having a separate room or corner of a room to set up your sewing area is best and will allow you can maximize your sewing time.

Gather your equipment

You do not need expensive equipment to create beautiful clothing. You can purchase a basic sewing machine with all the features you need at an affordable price. You can always upgrade to a model with more detailed features later if desired, but a basic machine will work well for stitching seams and making buttonholes, and some are equipped with a few decorative stitches.

You will need good scissors for accurate cutting and dressmaker pins or pattern weights for holding pattern pieces in place when cutting. You will need a tape measure, seam ripper, sewing gauge, pin cushion, and pinking shears. You will also need a good-quality iron and ironing board for pressing open seams.  

Take a course if necessary

You can learn to sew by reading a book, taking an online or in-person course, or simply by watching free videos online. Once you learn the beginner's basics, you will have enough knowledge to start sewing a few easy items, such as a shirt, skirt, or dress. Once you feel confident with the basics of clothing making, you can move on to more advanced styles and designs.

If you are looking for a fun hobby that will reward you with a versatile wardrobe, you cannot go wrong with sewing. There is no end to the various fabrics you can purchase to construct your own clothing. You only need a few basic supplies to get started creating beautiful clothing that will always reflect your style.

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