A Useful Guide When Buying Diaper Training Pants

When it comes to having a baby, a crucial period of development is potty training. Success with this process is often dependent on the type of diaper training pants you use. To choose the appropriate pants for your toddler, keep this guide in mind. 

Ease of Use

Unlike adults, toddlers are not the most graceful when it comes to their fine motor skills. They struggle sometimes with simple tasks. As such, you need to consider the pant's ease of use to ensure your child doesn't have a difficult time getting them on and off.

Probably the easiest design for your toddler to get accustomed to is a stretchable waistline. When your baby needs to use the bathroom, they can simply pull down their pants in one smooth motion. If you're looking for a more secure fit, there are diaper training pants with detachable buttons on the side. They are still easy to use and will remain on your child's waistline.


Another practical feature you'll want to assess when it comes to these pants is size. You want the size to be perfect: not too large and not too thin. Which size you ultimately choose depends on your child's age and waistline. 

Start with age so you can get a general consensus for what size range to start with. Then, using a measuring tape, gather their waistline measurements to pinpoint exactly what pant size they need. Follow up by trying several sizes on in person -- ensuring you've found the perfect match.

Inner and Outer Layer Material  

To keep liquids and waste from spilling out and to ensure comfort for your child, you need to assess what the inner and outer layers are made out of. For the outer layer, look for training pants that feature polyurethane laminate. This material is essentially waterproof and ensures your child doesn't experience any leakages.

As far as the inner layer, you want a material that's soft to prevent your child's bottom from getting irritated. Typically, cloth and thick cotton are the best for these comfort purposes as well as absorbing capabilities. Keep in mind that the more layers the inner portion has, the better it will be at keeping your child dry.

The options for diaper training pants are seemingly limitless today -- which helps you select the perfect pants for your child. Consider the aforementioned features and test out the different options, so your child progresses through potty training like a professional. 

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