3 Important Facts You Need To Know Before Buying Any Wedding Dress

There are so many details to prepare when it comes to planning the best wedding. Among the most important things for most brides is finding the best wedding dress within the set budget. While it can be fun visiting different wedding stores and trying on various gowns, it's important to understand a few things before making any purchases. Here are 3 essential facts to consider before you make the costly purchase of your wedding dress:

Wedding Dresses Are Nearly Impossible to Return

Most stores have very strict return policies on wedding dresses. Obviously, it would be tempting for some to wear the dress for the wedding day and then return it. Because of the expense of most wedding gowns, most bridal dress retailers aren't willing to let people walk out the door with a dress unless the sale is permanent. Under the following circumstances, you may be able to expect a successful return of your dress:

  • Your dress was purchased online and wasn't opened or worn.
  • You had alterations made by the store that weren't done correctly.
  • You purchased a dress in the store that had no alterations done and was never worn.

Because most bridal stores have very strict return policies, it's important to ask about a specific store's return policy.

Wedding Dresses Are Difficult to Resell

While some brides are well aware of the fact they likely won't be able to return a dress, they assume they can buy an expensive dress and sell it right after the wedding. Spending more on a dress than you can afford, assuming you will be able to sell it for a price to close to what you purchased it for, isn't a good idea. First of all, most brides want a new dress and there isn't a high demand for used dresses.

Secondly, brides shopping for a used dress will expect a significant discount--usually less than half the original cost. Even if you have purchased a dress that hasn't been worn, it's difficult to sell used because there are no guarantees that it will fit the buyer, and you won't be offering the buyer tailoring services.

Wedding Dresses Usually Have More Quality with Price

It's true, quite often you will get a poorly made dress that costs a lot based on a designers name; however, usually you get what you pay for with wedding dresses. High-end designers usually cost more because they offer the latest designer fashion, unique looks, and a better overall fit. If you have it in your budget to buy a designer dress, it's worth doing so. You'll also have a better chance to resell the dress if you have a dress that's made by a popular designer.

If you are thorough in the buying process, making sure you shop at a lot of different stores and try on a lot of dresses, you won't have to worry about wanting to return your dress. Getting a dress that's a little more fashionable and high-end will give you better odds at reselling your dress and getting some money back.