Tips For Styling Your Dress Pants

There are many different types of dress pants on the market, ranging in styles, colors and fabrics. Although you may be tempted to stick to one specific type, don't be afraid to spice up your work life by trying a new style. Each pant fit and color will work with different types of shirts, belts and even shoes, so pay attention to the details when getting dressed in order to look your best.

If you're tired of wearing the same three pairs of straight-leg black dress pants to work everyday, liven up your wardrobe by slowing incorporating in a few new colors, such as brown and grey, into the mix. Then you can start buying different accessories, such as belts and boots, to coordinate with the new styles. 

When it comes to dress pants, there are a few basic styles, such as straight-leg ranch, tuxedo, suit, and boot-cut. Although not every type of pant will work on your body shape, consider having at least two different looks in your closet for both your job and special occasions. 

Pants come in a range of fabrics, including polyester knit, linen, cotton blends and wool. Pay attention to the specific care labels to keep the clothing in good condition. You may even have to hand-wash or dry-clean some materials. 

Following are some tips for styling different type of dress pants:

1. Straight-Leg Ranch Pants

If you're looking for a basic dress pant style that will be appropriate for both the office and after-work cocktails, a straight-leg ranch style, such as from Circle S brand dress pants, may be right for you. They typically feature "dog ear" style front pockets, back flap pockets and legs the same width from top to bottom. 

Since the bottoms of straight-leg pants aren't flared, they work best shoes with more streamlined shapes, such ankle boots or oxfords. Avoid working chunky footwear, such as cowboy boots, that will bulge out under the fitted leg.

Add personality to these classic work pants with a interesting belt, such as one featuring silver or gold studs and a matching metal buckle. You can also use designs on your belt to showcase your favorite sport, such as golf or baseball. 

2. Western-Style Pants

If you love the country lifestyle, choose a western-style dress pant. These pants are generally constructed of a comfortable polyester bland and feature flared legs to accommodate cowboy boots. Top this style of pants with a western-style jacket feature suede shoulder yokes, a cowboy hat and a button-down shirt accented by a braided leather bolo tie, or lariat. 

To complete the look, pick a bold silver belt buckle with southwest-inspired turquoise details.