Costume Change For The Waitstaff: From Low End Dive Bar To High End, Hip Lounge

If you own a bar and are looking to change the entire vibe of the place, then one of the most important things you can do is to have the bartenders and waitstaff change their uniforms. A change of appearance can immediately signify a more hip, less "dive bar" atmosphere. Even if you have redone the interior, and have brought in cool chairs, tables, and stools, if you have your waitstaff wear faded old band t-shirts and funky jeans (which they might think vintage) or sexy tank tops and ultra short cut offs that are more in line with a wild, raucous bar, then the place won't get the transformation you want. So, here are some ways to make your bartenders and wait staff look more hip and less "dive."  

Black Dress Slacks and Black A-Line Shirts (Or Dark Blue Jeans)

The men should wear either black dress slacks or dark blue jeans. The women should wear either A-Line or pencil skirts, black as well. Along with the dress slacks and black skirts, you can allow them to wear dark blue (not classic light blue) jeans. This is great for ladies who are not comfortable wearing skirts. Just make sure that no one wears baggy jeans, or jeans with cuts, paint stains, etc. They should wear proper dark blue jeans that are between slim and regular fit.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts (Black)

You don't want the bartenders and waiters to walk around in mismatched shirts. It doesn't give the bar a high-end look. If one waiter is wearing an old Ramones shirt, and the bartender has a faded blue V-neck, then it doesn't matter if you have nice stools and nice lighting, your place will look like a dive bar—maybe a cool one, but still a dive bar. The easy solution is to get them to all wear matching shirts. You should get the bartenders (male and female) to wear long sleeve black dress shirts. They don't have to keep the sleeves rolled down. If one of the bartenders has flashy sleeve tattoos, it's fine for him to have his shirt sleeves rolled up to display his ink.

The idea is to have a uniform appearance and have your staff all wear dark colors. You are also going to offer t-shirts for the staff, but long sleeve shirts are a good choice for any staff who are uncomfortable (for body image reasons) wearing t-shirts that are slim fit. You don't want them wearing baggy t-shirts, so dress shirts are a good compromise.

Custom Black T-Shirts With Your Bar's Logo

Running around serving drinks in a crowded bar can make a person get hot, so you might want to consider custom t-shirts. They are cooler than long sleeve dress shirts. The t-shirts should also be black, simply because black looks cool and it also don't show stains like light colors. While you are ordering the t-shirts, you should also get a small, tasteful logo of your bar on the shirt's breast. Choose tight fitting t-shirts, crew necks, without breast pockets. You don't want baggy shirts; you want form fitting, well cut shirts. Contact a company like ShirtWorks to learn more.