Gifts to Give Your Lady If You Want to Share Your Love of Golf with Her

When you are an avid golf fan and player, you may feel as if you spend the vast majority of your free time on the golf course or driving range practicing and playing. However, this may cut into your quality time with your girlfriend or wife. If you are looking to try to share your love of golf with your lady so that you two can spend more time together and enjoy your favorite hobby or past-time together, get to know some of the gifts that you can give your lady to encourage her to develop an interest in going to the golf course with you. Then, you can be sure that you are spending more time together and possibly developing a shared hobby as soon as possible.

A Set of Golf Clubs

Possibly the most obvious gift choice when you want to encourage your girlfriend to share your interest in golf is to get her her own set of golf clubs. Because your lady likely has little to no experience playing golf, you will likely want to just get her a beginner's golf set.

The maximum number of golf clubs that a player can carry on the golf course is 14, but a beginner does not need quite so many clubs. A 5- or 7-piece golf club set with a driver, a few irons, a putter, and potentially a sand wedge will be all your lady needs to get started. And if she develops a real interest in going golfing with you as she learns, you can always give her more clubs as a gift later on. 

Ladies' Golf Wear

If you want your lady to get excited about spending time on the golf course with you, you want to give her gifts that will help her look the part of a seasoned golfer. Getting your spouse or girlfriend a golf ensemble or two will help her to better imagine herself golfing with you and may be that final push to get her to give golf a try.

There are numerous styles of ladies' golf wear to choose from depending on your lady's taste. Golf skirts are acceptable, as are skorts (skirt-short combos), long pants, shorts, and even capris. Be sure that you choose the style of bottoms based on what your lady likes to wear because if she does not like wearing shorts or skirts in general, she will likely not be excited if that is the golf attire you choose for her.

Ladies' golf wear also often includes polo shirts with or without sleeves and may also include jackets, pullovers, or athletic vests depending on the time of year you plan to go golfing together. Accessories can be a great addition to the apparel gifts you give your lady to share your love of golf with her. Do not forget to pick out a pair of golf gloves for her. And you may want to throw in a pair of sunglasses, a nice hat, and of course, golf shoes and socks.

Now that you know a few of the gifts to give your lady if you are trying to share your passion for golf with her and develop a hobby that you can enjoy together, you can get shopping as soon as possible.