4 Trendy Ways To Wear Funny T-Shirts

Do you ever see those hilarious screen print t-shirts for sale and then wonder how you would incorporate them into your wardrobe when you're just not a jeans and t-shirt type of person? You can send those funny messages and still look great. Here are 4 ways to pull it off. 

Reach Fashion Lengths in a Maxi

Maxi skirts are definitely on trend, and they look great paired with a fun t-shirt. Don't get too serious about the maxi you choose. Pick something with a fun stripe or pattern in a color that complements your t-shirt. 

Complete the look with flip-flops when it's warm and funky boots in cooler weather. 

Go Retro With Layered Long Sleeves and Leggings

This trend of the early 2000s is coming back with a bang, so get on board. Find a long sleeved shirt in a color that contrasts with, but doesn't clash with, your t-shirt. Sleeves with a pattern look great, but solids are more commonly seen. Simply wear the t-shirt over the long sleeved shirt. It's a way to make your t-shirts last all winter, and it's really cute. 

Complete this look with awesome leggings, jeggings, or super skinny jeans and a pair of great boots. 

Dress it up With a Collar

Take your tee to the next level by pairing it with a collared blouse or shirt. This look works especially well with a black t-shirt or a neutral colored solid with just a few words across the front. Roll back the sleeves of the blouse to give it a casual feeling. 

You can take this look a couple of different ways. Wear a plain, business type collar for a tailored look, or go with a lacy, scalloped or textured collar to get a feminine, romantic vibe. You can wear this with anything from a tight, black skirt to khakis to your favorite pair of ripped or distressed jeans. 

Work it in a Jacket

You might actually be able to get away with wearing your funny t-shirt to your office. Choose a t-shirt in a simple color, and then put it under a tailored jacket. The result is an upscale, traditional business outfit that has just a hint of personality. Wear this to casual day with a pair of pants, or go all out and wear a complete business suit.

You love your funny t-shirts, and you don't want to have to save them for laying around the house or a Saturday morning coffee run. With a little creativity you can take that tee almost anywhere. Contact a company like Expression Tees to buy more funny t-shirts.