Buy These Pieces Of Safety Gear Before You Ride Motocross

Getting into the sport of motocross may have you dreaming of catching big air, but before you can soar high above the dirt, you need to be sure that you're wearing the right gear. Shopping for your motocross apparel online (through an outlet such as Justified - Threads & Lifestyle) is ideal as you'll be exposed to a seemingly endless selection of items from myriad manufacturers and at multiple price points. While looks are comfort are important, safety should be your priority when you're considering various pieces of motocross gear. In addition to the standard items such as a helmet and a rigid chest protector, here are some valuable safety items to add to your online shopping cart.

Neck Brace

A neck brace is an absolutely essential piece of safety apparel to wear when you're riding motocross. While many professional riders skip this piece, it's integral for those who are learning the sport, given their risk of accidents. A motocross neck brace is designed to fit between the bottom of your helmet and the top of your shoulders, and keeps your head from snapping around when you have a wipe out. This can reduce the risk of whiplash-style injuries that could result in neck pain or even a concussion. This item is lightweight and easy to get used to, making it a necessary addition to your shopping list.

Padded Shorts

Padded shorts designed for motocross drivers are another key item to shop for before you get started with your riding. Worn beneath your pants, these compression-style shorts have numerous padded sections that can help to protect you in the event of a fall. Many of these shorts have pads on that will sit over your quads and hamstrings, limiting the risk of muscle contusions. Perhaps even more valuable, however, is the padding at the rear of the shorts that is designed to protect your tailbone during an impact.

Wrist Guards

If you're not wearing wrist guards with your motocross outfit, you're not doing all that you can to protect yourself during a wipe out. Wrist guards and lightweight and won't obstruct your ability to steer your bike, but are rigid enough to keep your wrist straight when you fall. In many accidents, you can jam or roll your wrist, which leads to broken bones. The hard plastic of the wrist guards will prevent this motion, which will allow you to dust yourself off and get right back on your bike for more motocross fun.